Elephant wrinkles, wrinkles, and more wrinkles…

Seems besides lions, everyone likes elephants too. What’s not to love? Large, majestic, wild, smart, family focused, powerful, tender, and very wrinkly. I’d sketched a few elephants before — but never to this scale, with this much detail or using charcoal. It was fun, very time consuming (which was fine really) and the wrinkles and details seemed unending. I guess it was nice I had the liberty to place some wild African grass in front of my elephant and crop it in a way I could focus on the head and upper torso. Overall I was pretty pleased.

work in progress
work in progress

These elephant prints are available on my little Etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/CrimsonCanvasART

The original piece was done at 30″ w x 22″ h — drawn on medium-texture watercolor paper.

Wonder what I’ll work on next. As shared in an earlier post, I have yet to create art on a regular basis — I’m working on it 😉


completed charcoal drawing of elephant
Finished Charcoal Elephant