Faithful Promises : Gold Wing

It’s a journey of art. Early ideas, design conceptions leading to dried colors, layers of lines and paint. All contained imperfectly on a 48″ inch wide by 24″ canvas, purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby (1/2 off – great deal!).

Did it turn out like I had envisioned? Sort of. Maybe some parts better – some parts worse in execution. It’s fluid — it is a journey. When painting, it’s hard to back up and then turn the “other way” as if I was on a hike. I learn as I go, and I’m never quite as efficient, precise and excellent as I’d like to be. There are so many more awesomely talented and gifted artist. But, I’m embracing the gift and skillsets God has blessed me with at this point of my journey. With this all said, I’d like to introduce my most recent, finished piece (except for my signature and a painted frame). I’ve been calling it my “Gold Wing” — but the title that resides a little deeper within is calling it “Faithful Promises”.

He will cover you with his feathers.
He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

I can’t sing or dance, or play an instrument well — painting for me is sometimes like an act of praise & worship.

I’m posting some progress shots or WIP from earlier shares (friends seem to like to see the progression) — I do too. I’ve shared some final pictures too. Hope you dig them. If you’re interested in seeing if this belongs in your home, office, garage or treehouse, please let me know — it’s for sale 😉 (quick updateI sold this piece last night 9/13! — but I’m looking into the best options to offer Giclée prints – stay tuned – or let me know if interested)

Don’t be afraid to seek your own canvas or path. Our heavenly Father loves to see His kids playing, experimenting and even getting messy.

You should be able to click the gallery images below and see them enlarged 😉