His Emerald Stare – Tiger

After creating my lion and elephant drawings using charcoal — I thought it was time create with color — watercolor is a fun medium I enjoy. I wanted to share some of the progress of this piece since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here (I get busy with “life stuff”).

You can also click through this little gallery below to see some progress of the tiger 🙂 Not sure why – this WordPress gallery only seems to work right when you click “Previous Image” versus “Next Image”. You’ll see all of the progress shots once you click an image, then go to the next one by using “Previous Image” — gotta love technology  ;-p

Thanks for all of the encouragement I’ve received during the creation of “His Emerald Stare”. I think when painting animals (or people) — you capture the spirit in the eyes — you’ve got to get the eyes right. I think I’m pretty happy with the eyes 🙂