Umbrella Watercolor Series

I wanted to keep the brushes wet — make use of the watercolor paper I got for Christmas 😉 On a sunny day in November (I think November 2017) — I saw an umbrella — my oldest daughter had a cute autumn outfit on. I had some ideas in my head and I knew I wanted to paint some umbrellas. I took pictures of kloi in our backyard.

Later I reviewed the shots and picked some I liked best. I isolated my subject — prepared some files on my Mac for reference. Then I taped some paper to my big old drafting table… and went with the flow. I “tried” to stay loose. I was pretty happy with the final art, but it did go a different direction than I had first planned. We’ll see how the other “umbrella” pieces go. I think I finished this first one around January 20th, 2018 (at least that’s when I made an Instagram post showing the final painting).